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Boss New York American calling card $5

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Phone card Boss New York $5.

Access Number NY: (718) 484-2517.

Location – US and Canada Toll Free Access Number: (800) 499-2617 English , (800) 340-5587English.
Works from New York State Only! (800) 499-2807Spanish, (800) 276-3956Russian, (800) 887-1921-French, (800) 887-2307Italian, (800) 887-2429Korean, (800) 909-5547Polish, (800) 274-9875Arabic, (800) 795-2892Turkish.

Call Middle East
Call Egypt at 5.8¢/min
Call Lebanon at 4.2¢/min
Call Morocco at 5.6¢/min
Call Saudi Arabia at 2.5¢/min
Call Iraq at 2.5¢/min

Call Africa
Call Botswana at 1.8¢/min
Call Nigeria at 2.0¢/min
Call Zimbabwe at 2.2¢/min

Honduras at 8.2¢/min  Philippines at 5.3¢/min  Nepal at 7.1¢/min Sri Lanka at 4.5¢/min  Mexico at 0.8¢/min

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